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  • Reintroduction

    by - febrero 29, 2012

    Antes de escucharla todo normal, como bien saben no sé inglés así que no es como que entienda las canciones a la primera XDDD   Luego escuché algo que me hizo prestarle más atención "remeber my  name" y luego le presté más atención, volví a escuchar la canción 1 vez, 2 veces, 3 veces... y al final me quedó gustando lo suficiente como para querer compartirla aquí, espero que os guste como a mi X3


    Here we are
    Here to stay
    We're getting closer, everyday
    Oh Here we are
    Standing our ground
    Nothing can stop us, and no one will top us
    I'm ready, I'm ready
    Reintroduce myself for the first time
    Remember my name, remember my name
    Reintroduce myself for the first time
    Remember my name

    Verse 1 (Jreyez)
    When I write a song for you, why's there expectation?
    It's what I do, why's it unappreciated?
    My thoughts create it, my feelings have limitation
    Understand that you're part of my inspiration
    I was thinking about you when I wrote it
    You should know, I don't even have to f*cking quote it
    My deep thoughts from my heart, it ain't often I express it
    Try to think hard, shouldn't take a few seconds
    You can keep guessing, you don't really notice?
    is that a question?
    Why's it so hard in my position
    Where everyone assumes that my life's about women and the fame
    It's hard to maintain jealousy
    Stress building up and there's nothing that is helping me
    "This and that".. "You better not".. and "You better be"..
    Stop telling me, please just let me be

    Verse 2 (LilCrazed)
    it's a new year, it's too clear now who's here,
    this dude here been doing this grind for a few years now
    the roads clear, plow, the haters that made us,
    and thanks for the major motivation of hatin',
    because i'm rising higher than i ever imagined,
    like magic, i'm riding in the skies like aladdin,
    no genie needed, believed in achieving and succeeded,
    eating all these beats and now my family's maxin',
    keys in ignition, gear in to drive,
    haters as the gas and fans steering my ride,
    look ma, no hands
    look ma, my fans
    truly support me, i use your ears as my eyes,
    so my vision is clear long as i hear your applause,
    and to those who happened to forget my name,
    allow me to retinroduce myself, my name is CRAZED!


    KAKOONK KAKOONK! It's the sound of a body droppin', Mr. Miyagi on you rappers, I'm karate choppin'/ A songwriter equivalent to a strong fighter, I wrote the hook on this track plus I'm a raw rhymer/ Whatever hustle that you try to claim, I done did it, just found the passion in this game so I can run wit it, newspapers, magazines, television overseas, fan mail and stacking cheddar cheese, having fun wit it/ Yeah, I've been around, while you've been a clown, Smith & Wesson in my mouth while I'm spittin' rounds, them poppy records that I did before didn't count, let me demonstrate the real deal gettin' down/ it's Verseatile, you'll never forget, you heard my style that's better than rest, been awhile, but nevertheless I'm never the type to settle for less/ I "REYEZ" like J and got the fans "Lil CRAZED", yo JDC it's time to let 'em know we finna make it!

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