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  • My Ameba Pigg ♥

    by - febrero 15, 2012


    PIGG Nickname: Yinyit
    Ameblo URL: http://ameblo.jp/yinyit
    Age: 21    (Birthday: 8-Jul-1990)
    Country: Panama  (Central America)
    What got you into PIGG: I started playing pigg because the singer of SID have a blog in ameblo and I do my blog for can follow him blog and... I discovered pigg casually.
    I ♥ PIGG because: I met persons that i love much, friends that i hope meet in person ^^   I can learn japanese and english with my friends and others persons! Pigg is a virtual world but you can do real friends ^w^ ♥ 

    If you want, add me as a friend~

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